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At Wood & Weiss Finance, we strive to deliver a remarkable customer experience by listening to our clients’ needs and leveraging technology to simplify the lending process. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve financial success through strategic investment strategies and providing the necessary financial solutions to support those strategies. Our commitment to excellence, personalised service, and professional expertise sets us apart from the competition.

Our team

Meet The Team: Our Experts in Finance and Investment Strategies

Jeff Wood


Senior Mortgage Consultant & Investment Property Advisor

A seasoned professional at the helm of our company, who brings a wealth of expertise as a Property Investment Advisor and Senior Mortgage Consultant. His commitment to empowering individuals to reach their financial aspirations is truly remarkable.


With an intimate understanding of the intricacies of the property market, he stands out as a luminary who has not only invested in numerous properties but has also witnessed their remarkable appreciation, boasting an impressive growth of over 250%.  Beyond his professional prowess, he is driven by a profound dedication to securing the future of his extensive family through an astute property portfolio.


Passionate about fostering the growth of aspiring investors, our co-director takes delight in guiding first-time investors through the labyrinth of property acquisition. His hands-on approach is evident in his ability to tailor individual investment strategies, taking into account each client’s unique goals, budget constraints, and risk tolerance.

In essence, our Jeff is not merely a leader in the property and mortgage arena; he is a compassionate mentor committed to realizing the financial dreams of our clients, one tailored investment strategy at a time.

Moishe Weiss


Senior Mortgage Consultant


With a highly analytical and organized approach, Moishe is committed to
delivering optimal results to clients at Wood & Weiss. His focus extends
beyond one-off transactions; Moishe’s primary goal is to efficiently assist
clients in achieving their long-term financial objectives.


 Moishe excels with a keen eye for detail, outstanding analytical
ability, and a stellar problem-solving mindset, grounded in a background in
non-conforming lending. As a finance and mortgage broker, he specializes in
guiding self-employed clients, small business owners, sophisticated investors with
expanding property portfolios, and high-net-worth professionals in developing
strategic property plans. Moishe brings a wealth of experience across all areas
of residential lending, ensuring comprehensive solutions tailored to unique


Beyond finance, Moishe is a devoted family man, sharing life’s joys
with his wonderful wife and four young children. In his downtime, he channels
his past love for sports as an avid soccer dad, relishing in the progress of
his kids’ sporting journeys. 


At Wood & Weiss, Moishe leverages industry-leading expertise,
transforming your financial aspirations into reality.



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